Shipping costs

Shipping costs within Germany

The delivery is carried out by parcel service. For orders within Germany we charge the shipping costs 1:1 without surcharge to you. This includes the costs of packaging, shipping and insurance. The shipment will be made to the billing address you have specified in your order. If the shipment is to be made to a different delivery address, this address must be stated when ordering. This also applies to a pure sample order.

Bulky goods & express delivery

In the case of bulky goods, large-sized cartons and a special type of delivery (express, overnight or similar), additional costs may be charged according to expenditure, which should be inquired in advance. Detailed information on the shipping costs for the articles you have selected can be obtained at any time from the Promostore customer service.

Shipping costs outside Germany

Shipping to foreign countries is also charged according to expenditure including any customs and handling costs that may be incurred.